Our mission is to support research in Neuroscience for Junior Faculty and Postdoctoral researchers alike. Below are a list of our projects, and financial initiatives that we offer. If you are interested in being a part of any of the below opportunities, please email us at with the name of the project you are interested in the subject line.

University of Michigan Neuroscience Meeting

We facilitate a yearly meeting to bring together the large, diverse and dispersed Neuroscience community at the University of Michigan. This meeting includes meals, talks and group discussions promoting collaboration and scholarship in the Michigan Neuroscience community. We will post about it here when details begin to solidify for the 2022 conference so be sure to check back!

Magnificent Michigan Summer Fellowship 2021

We have provided summer funding for 15 undergraduates to pursue research work in neuroscience under the guidance of Kavli faculty, and receive a living wage while doing it. We also provided equity guidelines for the PI to help assist in the student's growth as career researchers.

Kavli Neuroscience Innovator Lecture Series

We host several talks a year bringing in major neuroscience researchers who are doing highly impactful work to come and spend time with the Michigan Neuroscience community. Details about these visits will be sent to our email list and posted about on this website as well. We are still re-tooling for what that will look like beyond the pandemic, so be sure to check back for that !

Speaker Invitation Support

We will supply up to $2,000 to support Kavli members in bringing neuroscience-related speakers to Umich and paying for their travel, hotel, meals, room reservations, and honorarium. This program seeks to support Kavli members to host external speakers in partnership with their home departments. This will permit Kavli members to strengthen scientific bonds with the larger scientific community. Two Kavli members or a senior faculty member and a Kavli member are required to host a speaker. Approval of funds will be at the discretion of the KNI leadership until funds are exhausted.

Kavli Postdoctoral Support

To support Postdoctoral Fellows at the University of Michigan, we are providing funding to be used for postdoctoral community events. We would like to foster a sense of community and encourage collaborative work among postdocs across departments and units, in a manner similar to how KNI creates community and professional opportunities for junior faculty. We are currently assembling a team of postdoctoral researchers to organize community events. If you would be interested in helping to organize events like this, or attending one - please shoot us an email.